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brining?? a tongue ?? help PLEASE

We all love ox tongue and this year we have the tongue from one of our own animals.
Nothing has been done to it, so I need to BRINE ?? it,
HOW and with WHAT. Embarassed
My butcher will happily stick it in with his, but to be honest I am worried it wont be mine I get back, he gets so busy and accidents can happen!!!
I tried disolving salt in boiling water for something else and it just crystalised and recked the coating on my saucepan. Crying or Very sad
So please can anyone tell me how to do this, so I dont ruin and superb piece of meat.

Sorry don't have a clue - have you tried searching on the net - its a great place to get expert help and recipes.

you do not have to brine a tongue .i do my ox tongue this way no salt at all . just boil it peel and press it .i have a very old tongue press see picture


ok so heres how to home press a tongue boil it for 40 minutes with some herbs in the water . a spoonful of mustard powder .. or pressure cook for 16 mins and same herbs etc take it out and let it cool peel the skin from it and discard then take a normal pan that fits the tongue tightly put a side plate on top and using wieghts..... bags of sugar ...more heavier the better ....on the plate press it down add more wieght as the plate will carry
i do mine with the press but it broke when i over screwed it so i had to revert to the wieghts method

I'd love to do this some time, ox tongue is lovely, but the thought of peeling it makes me feel a little odd... Rolling Eyes Laughing
Somerset Lad

Here is my cure for Ox Tongue, 2 1/2. pints of water
6 oz. sea salt
6 oz. soft brown sugar
1 oz. salt petre
few juniper berries
1/4 nutmeg
bay leaf
2 thyme sprigs
1/2 teaspoon black peppercorns
2 or3 cloves
Put all ing. in a pan, bring to boil, and simmer for 10 mins. When quite cold pour over meat in a plastic or ceramic bowl and weight down below liquid with a plate or wooden board. Pickle for 3-4 days for a mild pickle. Rinse and cook slowly for up to 3 hours, in water with an onion, leek, carrot, stick of celery, bayleaf, thyme, parsley and mace or any to taste. When cooked , skin and press in a round cake tin with a plate on top and some weights,reduce the cooking liquour and pour some of the liquid to cover the tongue. Leave to cool then put into the fridge to set the jelly. That's my way and a hit everytime. Enjoy. Wink Laughing Cool

i dont know how to brine a tongue, but:

brined tongue is much nicer in taste than unbrined, in my opinion, and i should know, i have head plenty both ways.

we (in germany) eat tongue hot, i.e. you cook it in whichever mothod, let it cool a little, peel it, then reheat and serve with a white sauce (not bread sauce though)

yummy! sliced into 1cm slices, white sauce with horse raddish (yes, it's a horse raddish sauce!) and serve with boiled peeled potatoes and some veg on the side.
Somerset Lad

Recipe is above your post Svea. I have used it for decades. Laughing

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